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Paladin Published

At long last, after years of work, the conclusion to both The Interregnum and The Throne has been published in eBook format.

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Tara's Mother Published

The third book in The Throne, Tara's Mother is out in eBook format. Paper will follow at a later date.

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Rea's Blood Published

The second book in The Throne came out late 2015 in eBook format. Paper will follow at a later date.

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Culmanic Parts Published

The first book in The Throne series was published in June 2015.

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New Covers up

The Interregnum has all new covers for new (slightly corrected) editions. Click on the link to see all the covers and links to purchase.

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An important review of The General

Analog SF has given another thumbs up to The Interregnum, with Tom Easton of The Reference Library expressing his enjoyment of The General for November 2006.

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Reviews of The Interregnum

Rick Sutcliffe's series The Interregnum has received good reviews. Here's a collection.

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Hibernian heraldry

Graphical representations of Hibernian coats of arms, the Royal Army arms, and a soldier's coffs with SpecialOps option, and explanations of the heraldry.

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The Friends--Best SF Novel of 2003

The Friends, Volume II of The Interregnum, Rick Sutcliffe's Christian SF series won the 2004 EPPIE for the best science fiction novel of 2003. The Exile was also a finalist for this award.

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Arjay Enterprises provides a variety of services and information

Besides books, Arjay Enterprises also publishes opundo (a word garage of clean humour), The Northern Spy, and Sheaves Christian Resources. In addition, it offers name registrations and hosting. All services and sites are available through